教育 Equity Insights Part 3: Better Serving Native Students


在美国各地, Native students face opportunity gaps as a result of structural and institutional barriers that impact their educational experiences and trajectories. 机会差距存在的原因有很多, 包括无效的课程和教学, 缺乏社会和情感支持, 教育工作者的准备和培训不足, lack of programs focused on college and career readiness, and the need for more meaningful partnerships between organizations, 例如国家教育机构(SEAs), 本地教育机构(草原), 部落教育部门(ted).

To help build SEAs’ capacity to more comprehensively support Native education, the U.S. 教育部, in 2019, awarded funding to the National Comprehensive Center (National Center), 由hg体育官网, to 开发 resources to enhance the learning of Native youth. The National Center established the Native 教育 Collaborative (NEC) to create these resources and bring together SEAs, 草原, and TEDs to find promising strategies to improve Native students’ academic achievement. 艾米Bitterman, a hg体育官网 senior research associate who co-led the project, 讨论这项工作的发展.

Q: Why has academic achievement for Native students been beyond their reach for so long?

A: 包括贫困在内的历史和持续的创伤, 忽视, 卫生条件差, 歧视, and biased disciplinary policies have impacted their educational progress. 州的课程通常不包括本土历史, 语言, and culture; and there are not enough Native teachers to serve as positive role models. Tribal education leaders are not always included in discussions to address these issues; however, they must be part of the conversations on how to best serve Native youth, as Native Americans and Alaska Natives have repeatedly demonstrated resiliency and an ability to overcome barriers.

Q: 这场流行病对当地年轻人有什么影响?

A: COVID-19 has disproportionately affected the Native population, exacerbating their difficulties. 许多预订位置偏远, 连通性通常是不存在的, 让远程学习更具挑战性.

Q: How is hg体育官网 helping move the needle forward to advance the education outcomes for these students?

A: When we were awarded this project, our first step was to bring the Native voice to this work. This voice was critical to identifying the gaps in Native student learning and the improvements needed to help them excel. We interviewed 15 Native experts across the country—superintendents and directors of Indian education and education advocacy leaders—to determine the project’s direction, 强调教育策略和实践, 以及重点关注的总体类别. 我们聘请了6名本土顾问进行设计, 开发, 并实施一个框架和流程来帮助SEAs, 草原, and TEDs eng年龄 in collaborative and deeply reflective discussions about Native student learning. The framework—a series of guided discussions named Circles of Reflection—had 3 goals: (1) reveal what states and localities were doing or not doing to ensure high-quality, 有关, and stimulating learning experiences for Native students; (2) determine priorities; and (3) guide the creation and implementation of promising strategies to improve Native students’ education.

Q: hg体育官网为这个过程带来了什么样的能力?

A: Collaboration was key to the success of this project; and it was important to meet our clients where they were in the process of change. Our organizational and project man年龄ment skills supported the consultants’ efforts as did our capacity-building expertise, 股本的心态, 和最佳实践.

Q: 关于秘社你能告诉我们些什么?

A: Our Native capacity leads piloted 3 circles with 4 states: Oklahoma, 北卡罗莱纳, 爱达荷州, 和华盛顿. 在第一圈中, high-level SEA staff from these states discussed their state’s current level of effort to support Native student learning. 答案是由反思问题引起的, organized by 6 overarching categories: Native culture and 语言; tribal consultation and sovereignty; effective teachers and leaders; college and career readiness and access; physical and behavioral health; and identification of promising programs and practices.

在第二圈中, representatives from 草原 and TEDs with significant populations of Native students joined the First Circle members. These representatives validated, added to, or clarified the results of the First Circle.

在第三圈, First Circle SEA participants and Second Circle members refined priorities, 制定一个90天的行动计划, 确定了长期目标.

Q: 讨论的主旨是什么?

A: 这对各方来说都是艰难的讨论. 对于许多部落代表来说, it was the first time they had had an audience from the SEA who actually listened to them. 对他们来说,这是一次情感的经历, having been marginalized for so long; and, 起初, 一些人对这一过程持怀疑态度. 对于SEAs和草原来说,这也是一段艰难的经历. It opened their eyes to the gap in support for these students.

Q: 各州是否正在制定补救这种情况的计划?

A: Yes, all 4 states are working on plans, and we continue to monitor their progress.

Q: 会有额外的反射圈吗?

A: Yes, we will hold discussions with other states and continue dialogues with the initial group.

Q: How can other SEAs, 草原, and TEDs learn about this work?

A: 我们创建了创意银行which offers resources 开发ed by our Native experts covering the overarching categories of state support, 90天行动计划, 以及更雄心勃勃的长期目标.

Q: 这项工作如何帮助其他得不到充分服务的学生?

A: This work is an important step in providing a mechanism to enable advocates of these students to be heard and brought into the decisionmaking process.

This work is an important step in providing a mechanism to enable advocates of these students to be heard and brought into the decisionmaking process.

- 艾米Bitterman,hg体育官网公司的高级研究员


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